A bit about Percy & Albert...

Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Life has a funny way of taking us places we never imagined. I didn't set out with a mission to rescue and revitalise tired furniture, but somehow, here I am. 

Maybe it's the joy of breathing life into pieces that have been overlooked, or simply the magic of chalk and mineral-based paints paired with striking wallpapers that caught my fancy.

Isn't it wonderful how a nondescript piece can suddenly shout, "Look at me!"? That transformation – from mundane to 'wow' – is what I really enjoy.

While my heart has a soft spot for turning vintage display cabinets into vibrant showcases for your cherished trinkets (or, let's be honest, that bottle of gin), my creativity doesn't stop there. Every so often, you might spot a revamped bedside table, a chic coffee table, or even birdhouses! 

Spotted something you adore but it's already sold? Fret not! Reach out, and I might just be able to craft something similar with the gems I have on hand.

I love connecting with all of you, so make sure to catch me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest – links are right down below. And for my fellow upcycling enthusiasts, don't miss out on my blogs! They're chock-full of handy tips and product recommendations.

Best wishes,

Percy and Albert Interiors

P.S. Don't forget to swing by the 'Gallery'. It's where I showcase some of my favourite past creations.

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