• How to price your products on Etsy (and make money!)

    This blog is for Etsy shop owners who struggle with pricing their products and Etsy's fee and commission structures, with explanations of how Etsy fees are calculated and an example of an Etsy pricing calculator I have created to help me calculate a selling price (inclusive of Etsy seller fees)!
  • How to remove patterns from glass

    In this blog I will show you how to remove painted AND mirrored patterns on your furniture glass.
  • How to apply metal leaf to furniture

    In this blog I will walk and talk you through each of step of how I apply gold leaf for my furniture projects.
  • How to achieve a CRISP finish when hand painting furniture

    A simple blog on how to achieve a super smooth and flawless finish when hand painting furniture.
  • How I refinish wood and wood veneer furniture

    A step-by-step guide on how I refinish wood and wood veneer furniture.
  • DIY Reclaimed Scaffold Board Headboard: A Step-by-Step Guide to Custom Bedroom Makeovers

    Transform a neglected guest room into a designer space with a unique, DIY reclaimed scaffold board headboard. Dive into this guide where I detail my journey from simple white walls to a personalized masterpiece, sharing tips on creating a custom colour wash for that perfect charred wood effect and steps to craft your own bespoke headboard. Plus, discover the secret 'hidden shelf' feature that adds functionality to design. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or just looking for bedroom inspiration, this makeover journey will spark ideas for your own space. Ready to reinvent your bedroom? Let's get started!
  • Topcoat Triumphs: Mastering the Perfect Finish with General Finishes

    You’ve invested time and passion into your painting project and it looks pristine! Now comes the pivotal moment – sealing it with a topcoat. Dive into my guide on the General Finishes High-Performance topcoat – a water-based polyurethane miracle that ensures your masterpieces remain timeless. From selecting the right sheen for your projects to mastering the application process, let me take you through my personal journey and tips on achieving that flawless finish every time. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned artist, this topcoat could be the missing piece in your crafting arsenal. Let’s get rolling!
  • Mastering the Art of Colour & Design in Upcycling: A Guide to Choosing the Right Hue for Your Project

    Unsure about picking the right shade for your next upcycling project? Dive into our guide on selecting the perfect colour, avoiding common pitfalls, and harnessing inspiration from multiple sources. Plus, discover the magic of the Fusion Mineral Paint Fan Deck – your new essential tool for colour accuracy. Don't let 'Fear of Missing Out' (FOMO) guide your choices; let knowledge and creativity lead the way!
  • IKEA IVAR Transformation: DIY Sleek Pink & Gold Drinks Cabinet Hack

    Transform a basic IKEA IVAR cabinet into a stunning pink and gold drinks bar with this DIY guide. Dive into the world of 'IKEA hacks' and see how a piece of generic flat-pack furniture can become a bespoke centerpiece with the Percy and Albert Interiors touch. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out, this step-by-step guide will inspire and guide you through the process.
  • Ultimate Guide to Furniture Painting: Best Products & Techniques 2023

    Navigating the intricate world of furniture restoration and painting can be a maze. Ever wondered which products make the cut in ensuring that age-old wooden table shines anew? Or which paint offers the best bang for your buck? Welcome to Percy and Albert Interiors' definitive guide.

    Inside our latest blog:

    Cleaners that Work: We uncover a product that doesn't just clean, but prepares your furniture for the makeover of its life.

    The Stripping Game: The secret to veneered surfaces' longevity? A stripper we swear by!

    Fillers & Primers: Ever been plagued by grainy finishes and bleed-through? We've found solutions that address these pesky problems head-on.

    The Paint Palette: Among a sea of options, one paint stands out for its richness and durability. Curious?

    Finishing Touches: From shimmering pigments to robust varnishes, we highlight game-changers that seal the deal.

    Equipped with reviews, insights, and a touch of Percy and Albert magic, our guide promises not only answers but inspiration. Ready to unravel the mysteries of furniture painting? Dive in, and let's paint a brighter, more vibrant furniture future together!

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